Whether you’re opening a small diner or a one-size-fits all restaurant space, you’ll need to take restaurant insurance seriously. Understandably, a lot of policy options exist—many of which are beneficial to your business’s longevity.

You should, however, think deeply about your restaurant’s core team, its customers and its surrounding industry. Finding the right insurance option is vital to your growth as a provider, and it’s important to securing each customer’s safety. Don’t select a restaurant insurance plan without first running down these important considerations.

Consideration One: Recordkeeping

While most policies will support provided information, several cases exist in which your coverage will be directly reflected by your establishment’s ability to record allocated tips, fringe benefits and in-kind wage fair market value.

In all likelihood, you’re already bookkeeping efficiently. You should, however, look deeply into your potential provider’s coverage options for employee income tax options, extended employment and tax withholding allowances.

Consideration Two: Affordability

American Express places rent at the top of restaurant priorities. It’s critical to understand your restaurant’s ability to cover rent within one day of sales, and it’s similarly important to understand your plan’s affordability in the grand scheme of things. Before selecting a plan, match it with your establishment’s rent bracket. Too many small restaurants have overpaid for coverage—failing to allocate resources directly when both rent and working-space were put on the proverbial back burner.

Consideration Three: The Right Insurance Market

Hundreds of insurance companies currently exist, and only half a dozen are incredibly interested in taking a chance on lower rates. While a universe of possibilities technically exists, it’ll be important to define the insurance companies capable of maintaining open market access. Why? Because accessible companies offering astounding rates will be found by your agent. More importantly, they’ll be able to get a quote easier. Intelligent restaurants, today, use agents able to use blocked markets with better prices.

Consideration Four: Cyber Liability

Your plan will need to extend to your digital workplace, too. Don’t assume general liability coverage will protect you, because cyber liability losses are often extensive and uninsured. That said, don’t avoid throwing in extra money for cyber liability insurance. It’s relatively inexpensive, and it can be purchased as a stand-alone policy. At the end of the day, your risk of loss is far too heavy to not justify cyber liability coverage.

Take great care in selecting your policy, and consider losses far before they occur. Your restaurant deserves it, as does your livelihood as an owner