NYS Statutory Disability Insurance

New York State is unique in many different ways, especially when it comes to businesses. While most states simply require you to offer workers compensation for employee on-the-job injuries, New York requires businesses to also provide disability insurance for employees who are injured off the job.

Finding the right disability insurance can be difficult, but the agents at Bishop Associates are dedicated to making the process easy, accessible and affordable. We will help pair your company with the right disability insurance policy to satisfy New York’s requirements and protect your employees in case of an accident.

What is NYS Statutory Disability Insurance?

NYS Statutory Disability Insurance refers to disability benefits insurance that gives employees temporary cash benefits to replace a part of lost wages in case the employee is injured or falls ill off of the job. This can also include disabilities caused from pregnancy.

What Does NYS Statutory Disability Insurance Cover?

Statutory disability insurance cover a variety of injuries, illnesses and disabilities. Even if your employee is injured due to non-work related activity, such as if they are rendered partially paralyzed due to a weekend sporting event, they may still be entitled to statutory disability insurance.

This is different from workers compensation. While workers compensation insurance can provide disability benefits, these benefits are only paid if the disability, injury or illness relates directly to the job, such as if an employee falls ill after exposure to asbestos at a job site.

NYS statutory disability insurance, on the other hand, covers employees no matter where, when or how they are injured.

This insurance typically pays 50 percent of the employee’s average weekly income with a maximum limit (typically $170 per week). Benefits will start on the eighth consecutive day of a disability and may be paid up to 26 weeks of disability.

Get Insured and Protect Your Employees

Being injured and unable to work can be detrimental to employees, especially those who are considered the breadwinners at home. To meet New York State’s standards and provide your employees with the best care, invest in a statutory disability insurance policy today. Call Bishop Associates at 518-630-6179 or fill out an online quote form to get started.

Common NYS Statutory Disability Insurance Questions

Who is Eligible for NYS Disability Benefits?

Employees who qualify for disability benefits include:

  • Those who have worked or are working for a minimum of four consecutive weeks at a job owned by a covered employer
  • Domestic workers working 40 or more hours for a single employer, such as a personal assistant